Ecole Nationale d’Architecture

Brief description of organization: The ENA, created in 1980, is a public higher education institution under the Ministry of Housing, Urbanism and Territorial Development since University in Morocco is not in charge of the teaching of Architecture. The ENA includes 70 professors, 27 of whom with tenure and it is responsible for a six-year graduation in Architecture. The ENA and the Department of Geography (University Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco) with the collaboration of French Cooperation, are providing a doctoral programme of study leading to a University Doctorate degree in Architecture and Territorial Urbanisation. The ENA and the universities from Italy and Spain offered in the context of Tempus Programme (2004-2006) a professional Master course on Landscape Architecture and Land Management. A Master program on Heritage, “Patrimoine Architectural et Urbain, et Métiers du Patrimoine”, 2007-2009, is organised by the ENA with the collaboration of the Centre des Hautes Etudes de Chaillot, Paris, France. The activity of the ENA is mainly financially supported by the government, together with own financial resources from activities such as specialized consultancy, continuing education courses and research projects.

Brief description of tasks attributed: ENA will contribute to WP4 and WP5 to the definition and modelling by advanced computational techniques of strengthening intervention for vertical and horizontal elements. It will mainly contribute to WP9 by bringing as case studies two typical examples of Islamic architecture, a mosque and a madrasas: the Sidi Youssef Mosque, in Essaouira and the Attarin Medersa student's resident in Fez city. The case studies will serve as input for these construction types into the guidelines of WP10.

Previous experience relevant to tasks attributed: ENA has a tracked experience in the field, demonstrated by the several projects and European programmes in which it has been involved: 1) MED CAMPUS Programme, AMIE, by the European Union. Partners Network: ENA (Morocco), NAI (Netherlands), University of Porto (Portugal), University of Ankara (Turkey). December 1995, Nederlands Architectuur Instituut (NAI), Rotterdam, Netherlands. Cultural Heritage in the Built Environment and Architecture in a Multicultural Society. 2) Research Programme Link Morocco/Italy (Sardine). Cultural and Archaeological Heritage Revalorisation by Geophysical Tools. University of Cagliari, Faculty of Engineering and Planning,  2001. 3) Euromed Heritage II program. European Union. 2002-2005. Title of the project: Shared heritages: Know ledges and How-Know Applied to the Architectural and Urban Heritage of the XIX-XX centuries in the Mediterranean Region. Partners Network: Morocco (ENA), Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, France, Italy, Spain, Greece. 4) Higher Links Education program, U.K., The British Council/DFID, ENA and University of Bath, Department of Architecture and the Civil Engineering. 2002-2005. Topic: Caravansaries: Intervening for a Global Approach to Restoration. Medina of Salé 5) A Joint Research Grant under the MENA-Swedish Research Partnership Programme. 2005-2008. Title of the project: Townscape management and conservation. The Medina of Assilah, Morocco. The partners: Royal Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Stockholm and ENA. 6) European Programme  Culture 2000,  2005 – 2006. Title of the project: Houses and Towns Built with Earth: Conservation, Significance and Urban Dignity. The partners: University of Cagliari (Italy); Univesitat de Valencia-Estudi General, (Spain); Escola de Ensino Universitario Gallaecia (Portugal); Associazione nazionale città della terra cruda (Italy); Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Assessorato; ENA (Morocco).

Short profile of staff members: Prof. Khalid El Harrouni, scientific person in charge, is professor of civil engineering and computational mechanics at Ecole Nationale d’Achitecture, Rabat, Morocco and Head of LabHAUT (Laboratoire: Habitat, Architecture et Urbanisation des Territoires). He is a member of Morocco ICOMOS, a member of the National Committee of Earthquake Engineering. He has more than 20 years research and professional experience on civil engineering (structures and infrastructures), urban planning and urban services management, advanced computational techniques and cultural heritage (historic city centres, historic buildings). Prof Larbi Bouayad, lecturer, architect and head of Master course “Patrimoine Architectural et Urbain, et Métiers du Patrimoine”, Ecole Nationale d’Architecture. Prof Abdellah El Hammoumi, Mechanics of masonry, Techniques for preservation of historic structures, Laboratoire Mécanique, Faculté des Sciences, Université Mohammed V, Rabat, Mr Omar Hassouni, architect, Head of  Operating and Programmes Department, ADER-Fès (The Agency for the Dedensification and Rehabilitation of Fez Medina). Mr Jamal Eddine Ghorafi, privat architect, specialized in buildings and monuments restoration, teaching at the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture. Consultant, United Nations Program for the Development, Conservation of the Architectural Heritage (earth construction). Cofounder and Member of the Moroccan Committee of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS-Morocco).